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Feature article - Not Into Destruction

WELCOME my cyber brothas and sistas in the struggle to enlighten the mind, free the heart, and liberate the spirit.  May the love, care, and wisdom of GOD continue to bring blessings to your mind, body, and soul that you may be recommitted to the struggle to do God's will here on planet Earth.
Take a look around.  Let us know if you have some links to other sites of interest.
This site was originated as a service for Black People residing in the northeastern part of Texas. 

GOD is cosmic energy and creative intelligence.  This was spoken to me by the brothers and sisters at the Shrine of the Black Madonna Pan African Orthodox Christian Christian.

As we continue to struggle  and continue to follow the path of life, I pray for GOD's guidance.

Inside of this site are thoughts, prayers, commentary, poetry, historical summaries, and political ramblings.  We do not know what will be written next.

If you would like to submit something for publication, let us know.  We may edit for clarity.  We can't pay you for your contribution.  And, don't  violate anyone's copyright or borrow anyone's writings without permission.

Managing Editor, ETBlack.com

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